Sir J.P. Obeyesekere and Deshamanya Mrs. Siva Obeyesekere Home For Elders’ & The Attanagalla Children's Home


Honorary Mentions of our doners
  • 01.Most of the meals (breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner) are provided very kindly by the local community in the form of dane or alms. They share generously even in these hard economic times with those who are less fortunate.

  • 02.Medical care is provided by the Mrs. J.P. Obeyesekere Wathupitiwala base hospital. This Hospital was built in 1910 by Mrs. J.P. Obeyesekere (I).

  • 03.The children go to the local school.

  • 04.The burial ground was provided by the Obeyesekere family.

  • 05.Shrouds needed for the funerals are given free from the Sumanasiri Stores.

  • 06.Regular support of well wishers helps the Home to do their work.

  • 07.The Government of Sri Lanka also provides a small contribution to the inmates.

  • 08.Mr. Fred Senior has helped by sending donations from New Zealand.

  • 09.The Damro Company has provided laundry washing facilities for the elders.

  • In addidtion to the above regular doners, we receive donations from various people which are positively used for the well being of the elders and children who are with us. Also lot of kind people in Attanagalla area bring alms for whole 3 meals every day of the year.

We need your hand on following projects
  • 01.Spectacles, hearing aids, walking sticks for the elderly

  • 02.Plates, mugs and glassware.

  • 03.The services of Tutors for the children

  • 04.Sheets and pillowcases.

  • 05.Books, clothes, soap, detergents, milk powder, etc...

  • 06.Toys and outdoor play equipments

  • 07.General maintenance of the existing building

  • Account Name : Siyane Korale East
    Bank: Hatton National Bank
    Bank Account: Current Account
    Branch: Nittambuwa Branch
    Bank Account No: 025010014410
    Swift Code : HBLILKLX