Sir J.P. Obeyesekere and Deshamanya Mrs. Siva Obeyesekere Home For Elders’ & The Attanagalla Children's Home

Future Projects

We need your help for;
Securing the boundary of the 8 acre coconut land
Renovating a Repairing the roofs of the homes
Renovating a building for counseling and a daycare for the elderly.
Estimated cost for Future Projects
Securing the boundary of the 8 acre home property - Rs.111,525.00 (US $ 1,032.00)

Removal and replacement of the children’s home roof–Rs. 1,673,526.00 (US $ 15,495.00)
Building and daycare centre for the elderly – Rs. 663,804.00 (US $ 6,146.00)
Monthly expenses for 6 carers – Rs. 90,000.00 (US $ 833.00)